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What does EZBookit do for you?

EZBookit makes quick work of your customer intake, waiver management, booking, and payment processing. Now, you can focus on delivering a great experience, not dealing with lines of people and paperwork.

It’s a fact of life in today’s world that customers expect fast and efficient service. Whether on vacation or just a night out, your customers’ time is limited and they want to make the most of it.  As a leisure and recreation business owner, your bottom line depends on delivering what your customers want.


EZBookit - Online Waiver Management, Booking, and Payment Processing System - Mobile Responsive Application

EZBookit is branded for YOUR business.  

Your customers want to know they are dealing with YOU and not a third party for scheduling, payment processing, and liability waiver forms management.  EZBookit gets your customer through the booking process faster than any other platform – and your customers never leave your site!  EZBookit also provides opportunities to market and promote other events/services that you provide!


EZBookit - Online Waiver Management, Booking, and Payment Processing System - Customer Statistics

EZbookit is your single consolidated platform to manage your business. 

Do you want a single service provider to handle your scheduling, forms, liability waivers, discount/promo codes, and payment processing? Do you want the freedom to select your merchant service provider? Do you want all of your customer data available to you 24/7 on YOUR terms?  

Simplify your life, make it easy with EZbookit. 

Indigo Dynamic Networks (IDN) is dedicated to understanding your unique business needs and delivering exceptional customer support. Our goal is to minimize the amount of time you spend worrying about your business’s back-end so you can spend that time taking care of your customers.

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