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The Online Waiver Management, Booking, and Payment Processing System for the Leisure and Recreation Industry

EZBookit - Online Waiver Management, Booking, and Payment Processing System - Mobile Responsive Application

Electronic Waiver Management saves time, storage fees, and trees!

Less time pushing paper, more time serving customers

Let your staff focus on people, not paperwork

Book new customers even while you’re sleeping

Shortening the journey from decision to purchase

Your brand. Your business. Your choices.

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With EzBookit your business can:

  • Easy management of bookings, payments, release of liability waivers or intake forms - virtually all of the paperwork done for you!
  • Flexibility to choose YOUR merchant services provider
  • Fully integrate YOUR company branding throughout the booking and waiver management process while eliminating clumsy 3rd party redirects
  • “Hands off” Groupon and promo code redemption
  • Customer data that you can leverage
  • Efficient clicks to payment and upsell opportunities

EzBookit allows your customers to: 

  • Access the platform from any device
  • Sign release of liability waivers and intake forms electronically (including parent-child waivers)
  • View event description, location, and photos on your calendar, generate booking and provide payment
  • Redeem Groupon coupons or client generated discounts
  • Invite friends and share on social media
  • Go from landing to checkout with a minimum number of clicks


Art Classes


Horseback Riding

Recreational Sports

Schedule a Custom Demo 1-888-GO-INDIGO (464-6344)

Schedule a Custom Demo 1-888-GO-INDIGO (464-6344)

EZBookit - Manage your waivers, booking, and payments with one application for one low monthly price!

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